Rob Arcand

Selected Work

"Unlimited Editions: On Digital Art Provenance and Blockchain Technology" - Real Life Magazine

"With R. Kelly, Spotify Asks What It Means to Police a Platform" - SPIN Magazine

"Stack Music: On Music Streaming, Cognitive Capitalism, and Creative Labor in the Gig Economy" - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Your Favorite Indie Rock Musicians Want to Change The Way We Think About Streaming" - The Outline

"Meet the Amazon Poets Making Pennies Per Verse: On the Arts Economy of Amazon's Mechanical Turk" - The Outline

"Is Lo-Fi House the First Genre of the Algorithm Age?" - Thump

Bylines at SPIN, Pitchfork, Billboard, Noisey, Thump, Tiny Mix Tapes, The Quietus, The Awl, The Outline, and Real Life